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Electrical Wiring Specialists in Anaheim

Discover How Wakefield Electric Can help protect your home from tragedy

electrical wiring

Aluminum wiring has been around for more than hundreds of years. It is lighter in weight, less costly, and most important, far more dangerous than copper electrical wiring. Aluminum wiring has been known to be the source of tons of residential fire that have devastated countless families. The New York Times created a really helpful article on the dangers of aluminum wiring. Every home owner needs to go through this write-up.

Aluminum Wiring Specialists in Anaheim

If you possess aluminum wiring within your house (and you likely do on the occasion that your residence was developed more than 5 decades back) than it is important to get your home looked at. Wakefield Electric can easily come over to your home and safely and securely put in a copper pig tail. This is a method employed in order to make certain the safety of your family as well as other loved ones.

In the before picture… We have a unsecured electrical box with Romex’s injuring into the box without proper connectors. In the after picture… We have a secured electrical box connected to a 2×4 brace.

before and after electrical wiring job

Take a look at some of these pictures that demonstrate the work we’ve done with aluminum wiring:
aluminum wiring blow out
In the above picture, connections got loosened due to expansion and contraction of aluminum wiring. As you can easily observe, these blown out wires and cables can easily happen very rapidly and unexpectedly. Awaiting a tragedy is definitely the most severe thing which anyone could do. Ring up Wakefield Electric, a professional whom has certainly done electrical wiring in Anaheim for in excess of 20 years. Call right now: (714) 883-5064.

Our Anaheim Electrical Wiring Service and Repairs Include:

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  • electrical wiring installation
  • electric wiring repair
  • electric wiring installation
  • copper wiring repair
  • copper wiring installation
  • aluminum wiring repair
  • aluminum wiring installation
  • aluminum wiring upgrade
  • commercial wiring installation
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  • residential wiring repair
  • residential wiring installation
  • residential electrical wiring