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Electric Car Charging Station Installations in Orange County

Watch our video to find out more about our car charging station services in Orange County, CA!

Having a home car charging station has some amazing benefits:

  • Cutting out the middle man saves you time AND money
  • Wake up every morning with a fully charged vehicle
  • Sleep well knowing that your car is helping to save the environment


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home car charging station install

Have you recently purchased a brand new, state of the art electric car? Are you looking for a convenient way to keep it charged without having to drive miles to find a convenient charging station? We’ve got some amazing news for you! Wakefield Electric is now proudly, and expertly installing in-house electric car charging stations in all of Orange County. We believe that staying up to date on modern technology is always going to benefit us, and our customers. If you are looking for an Orange County car charging station installer than look no further.


We Can Help Install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Orange County

At the moment, car charging stations in Orange County are few and far between. We here at Wakefield Electric think that this is a huge problem. We decided to take action and are now breaking new ground on car charger technology. We have now been installing car battery chargers for over two years and have turned our process into an absolute science. For a very reasonable price we can come into your home and in just one day install a fully functional electric car charger for your Nissan leaf, Tesla, or any other electric vehicle you own.

Give us a call today to chat about what other services we offer, or for any questions at all that you might have about our electric car battery charger station installations.