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Protect Your Orange County Home With Surge Protection

If your family is the most important thing to you, you would do everything to ensure they are safe, and with the growing use of electronic appliances one can never be too careful. As a family owned business for over 40 years, we at Wakefield Electric know […]

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How Dangerous is Aluminum Wiring in Your Orange County Home?

Aluminum wire is a type of wiring which is used in houses, power grids and airplanes. Aluminum provides a much better conduction than copper and is much cheaper. However, just being cheap can cost lives since aluminum is dangerous and can cause fire to buildings. Yes! Fire. […]

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Installing a Ceiling Fan? Hire the Professional Orange County Electrician Jason Wakefield!

Ceiling fans are an inexpensive way to update your home’s decor. They are also energy efficient in that they maintain climatic stability during the winter and summer months circulating warm or cool air around your home. With the onset of ‘DIY-ers’ with the internet in arms length, […]

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Installation of a Home Car Charging Stations in Orange County CA

Wakefield Electric has revolutionized the home car charging station installation process Do you have an electric car or are you thinking about purchasing one? If your answer is yes to either one of our question, Wakefield Electric has amazing news for you on how you can save […]

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6 Tips to Hire a Good Electrician in Orange County, CA

Where electrical problems are concerned, it is best to hire an electrician. You can try to do things yourself around the house, but fooling around with electricity isn’t advisable – unless you are an electrician yourself. Evaluate what work needs to be done. Are you renovating or […]

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